These are the services we offer

Housing construction and maintenance

Our certified company will provide the latest building technology at a fair price. Our maintenance teams will assist you at any time, please feel free to ask for a free quotation.

Concrete construction

We have a great variety of concrete homes built, we may assist you helping you choosing your dream house.

Construction on anti-seismic metal structures (LSF)

We are specialist in this field and we have the best materials at a very competitive price, you can have your dream home at a reduced price, please ask us for a free quotation.

Swimming pool construction and repair

Our Swimming pool developers are able to design, build and maitain your dream swimming pool, please ask us for a free quotation.

Maintenance and restoration of houses and buildings

Exterior and interior painting

We will use the latest quality products and our painters are fully qualified and efficient.

Suspended ceilings

We may redesign your ceiling structures using a great variety of materials such as wood or drywall.

Plumbing and electricity

Our technicians are fully qualified in this fields and may assist you at any time.



If you wish to build from scratch or just wish a simple renovation job you found the right team.

Architectural projects and construction supervision

We will provide full architectural projects and follow the process on the local council for its approval, our engineer will supervise all phases of the construction giving weekly reports.

3D Architectural Visualization

Take a ride into the future by visiting & interacting with your project modeled and rendered in 3D, either in video, photography or a virtual application where you can stay as long as you want and explore your new home.


Sun and climate protection
Extension of an indoor room to the outside
Building an outdoor space
Enhancing the exterior with a structure to add functionality and aesthetic beauty